Capitol Point Prayer

Our Mission:

The Capitol Point Prayer Mission is to pray in all 50 state capitals of America, and also for the people in each of their respective states.

Our Vision:

The Capitol Point Prayer Vision is for the people of each state to follow God with a heart for prayer, and to see the nation healed and the land restored back to Jesus Christ.

Capitol Point Prayer


Capitol Point Prayer Trek was founded by Revds. Loren and Tonya McKim. They are working to bring about revival in America through intercessory prayer,  answering God's mandate given to them in 2013:


"Travel to the capital of every state; stand on the capitol grounds and pray on point; cry out to Me for the healing of the land and for the salvation of the lost souls; repent for the sins of the people; and believe Me for an awakening and for revival fire to spread throughout every state to which I send you."