Trek 10

Taking it to the Nations of the World

The mandate to all 50 of the United States was completed on October 19, 2015.  In November of 2015, God summoned us once again through a prophet while attending an Aglow meeting and said, “Loren and Tonya, you are an evangelistic team and when I made you, I made you to affect people all over the United States. I have also given you an international ministry that is going to break open with even greater strength.”

We were both shaken and tearful as we agreed with God that day, and we said, “We do not know how to do this, but we know the God who called us to the United States and led us through to complete the former mandate, would now show us what we are to do to fulfill His purpose for the nations and our lives.”

The last nine months have been a time of preparation as we worked, and took time to pray, seek God’s heart and to listen for what was next. Our vision greatly increased as the Lord enlarged our hearts and our territory.

Our standing scripture for the nations is Psalm 96:3 – “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”

​The LORD then spoke “A Call to Order” or a prayer strategy for Prayer Trek 10:

​Pray the Names of God, the “I AM” over the Nations of the World. “Call out MY NAMES and then speak forth the names of all of the nations before Me. I will bring the nations into order. ALL nations belong to Me. I alone know what they need and how I need to reveal myself to each and every one. So, when you pray MY names and MY attributes out loud, and then speak forth the names of the nations, ‘I’ will bring them into order and alignment. Not the new world order, but the order of the nations under ME for MY plan for MY purpose. This prayer strategy has to do with the second coming - the return of MY son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Be diligent to do your part, I WILL DO THE REST! I have been creating a pathway for you before you arrive at this place. As MY Ambassadors to the nations, go before the presidential election occurs for the United States.”

The Lord also said: “Magnify ME at all times! Keep ME ‘proximity centric’ in this mission. GLORIFY ME in all things and Worship ME! This is a time of great joy! Do not address or engage the enemy nor the matters and issues of the land and these countries at this time. This will be a designated time of high praise and worship of all that I am going to do as I draw the nations unto ME, and they will come from every tribe and tongue from around the world – the world that I hold in my hands.”

“As my children, now go forth and embrace the NATIONS with MY LOVE, with MY GLORY and GRACE, allow my LOVE to flow through you. Never fear, for I am with you, even to the end of the age. For what I have given you to pray for the souls of America will now flow in a greater measure than ever before and it will affect the world.”

​We were ever mindful of His strategy as we left for New York City on September 23, for a 4-day mission to the United Nations. God had prepared us and had enlarged our hearts once again. As we carry the burden of lost souls in our hearts, we were now going with the focus of the second coming of Jesus Christ, first and foremost. The time is drawing near.

We walked from our hotel through the city to the UN building, placed our feet upon the exact place God had led us to, and in that prayer time we agreed with God and His word.

The majesty of God appeared as we worshipped Him and called out the names of the GREAT I AM! His presence drew near in such a wonderful and sweet way. Then, as we prayed for the nations, everyone by name, we saw the individual flags for each nation rise up. In our Father’s eyes, all nations and people are the same. Whether it is the smallest, the poorest, the weakest, or the most prosperous or most powerful - to the Lord, they are all the same. Our Father expects us all to care and give aid to those who are suffering by loving our fellow man and to have compassion and mercy for them. America has done so time and time again, by sowing seeds to spread the gospel around the world and to lend a helping hand. We prayed and agreed with God that spiritual bridges would be built between the nations and America and that God’s manifested purpose for the restoration of all nations would come.

We hope that you will enjoy the pictures and the prayer guide that was specifically written for the prayer mission to the nations, but even more so that you would join us and make a commitment to pray not only for America but also for the nations around the world, for our Lord is coming soon.