We began Trek 8 on Tuesday, August 18th as we flew to Seattle. The two state capitals on this prayer journey were Olympia, Washington, and Juneau, Alaska. We would complete a 12-day journey, traveling over six thousand miles to accomplish this mission.

​These two states are number 42 and 43 of the overall 50 states in honoring the mandate we received from God in March, 2013: To go and pray for the lost souls in the capital city of every state in America.

​The scriptures for Prayer Trek 8 were:

     - ​God makes a way - Isaiah 43:15-20; Exodus 14:13-16

     - Declaring the end from the beginning - Isaiah 46:8-13

Olympia, Washington

Upon our arrival at Olympia, the first capital of this Trek, we truly sensed this word: "Salvation is flooding the state of Washington." At the time of our visit, a 52-day prayer strategy called, "Rebuilding the Western Wall," based on the book of Nehemiah, rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, was in motion. Prayer networks from Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia were currently praying over one another to spiritually strengthen the west coast of our nation leading up to solemn assemblies being held in each of these states as they come together and humble themselves in repentance. Even British Columbia, Canada wanted to be included, being our neighbor to the north, and also as a part of the west coast for their nation.

​Our prayer time on the capitol steps was powerfully anointed. We were met by the National Governors' Prayer Team Leader for the Pacific NW Region and several intercessors from the Daniel House and various other ministries to agree with us in prayer. The shofar was sounded and the Appeal to Heaven flag was raised.

​We prayed specifically for the 14 forest fires that were currently burning in the state to be snuffed out, and also for the heavy rains to return to Washington after a long, two-year drought. Our hearts were full of praise and we were so grateful to God for the changes He is making through the prayers of His people in Washington state. Our visit was definitely God's divine appointment. Rain was reported in the area the very next morning!

​Later the same afternoon, we were drawn to visit the renowned site of Mount Rainier to take a few photographs of God's splendor in the state. The beauty of this mountain has blessed mankind for many years. The highways to this site were adorned with blackberry bushes. The beauty of Washington is just overwhelming with the variety of flowers that are in bloom and the tall fir trees that cover the hills, valleys and mountain sides. We thank God for taking us to Washington state.

Juneau, Alaska

On Sunday, August 23rd, God again made our way clear. We arrived in Juneau at 2 pm. The cold weather, rain and wind presented a challenge for us. Juneau is not easily accessible, since you can only get to it by plane or boat. When our feet landed upon the soil of this state, we knew that God had carried us this far and that He would be faithful to answer our prayers for this state and the nation. It was like a dream come true.

​The Juneau capitol building is undergoing renovation and was closed on Sunday upon our arrival. Unfortunately, there was no shelter to pray inside or under, but we found a nearby sheltered porch at a nearby legislative building just across the street from the capitol building, and our intercession began. Our prayers concluded after 45 minutes, and we were grateful to God to be a part of all that He is doing in the largest state in America. The following scripture and the word "forward" continued with us throughout our journey: Exodus 14:15, "Why are you continuing to cry out to me with your voices, your requests, your prayers? Tell the people to move forward, or get up and do something."

​We sensed this message in our hearts based upon this passage. God wants His children to stop looking back. It is time to stop being stagnant and get going with the word of God, and lift up the name of our Lord! We are not only praying for America in this hour that this country will MOVE FORWARD, but that the children of God and the church of Jesus Christ will do the same. Nothing can hold you down. Nothing can hold you back! He is the WAY MAKER!

​We believe that God is giving America another chance for change. But will we take it? What is it that you need? What step can you take to move forward in your own life, for yourself, your family, your city, your nation? Trust GOD as HE is waiting for us and for America to decide. HE is waiting for you to make a decision and Move Forward!

​As always, our continued primary prayer focus is for the lost souls of every state. Please be in prayer for many to come to Christ through this prayer mission as the way for salvation is made ready by prayer.

​We hope you will enjoy the pictures of the capitols included in Prayer Trek 8, and even more so, that you will make a commitment to join us, be a partner and pray for our nation.

Trek 8

God, Our Way Maker!